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Handle Your Business Guide

Handle Your Business Guide

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From the moment you decided to share your brilliance in business, you were probably told to get a coach, a lawyer, an accountant and to befriend a banker; in no particular order. In business, as with anything, ignorance is not bliss because you are responsible for what you should know--regardless of whether you took the time to learn it. Handle Your Business shares basic information you need to create, build and protect your dream business. Throughout each chapter, you are provided with clear, concise and specific guidance to help you own your power, monetize your brilliance, protect your assets and uplevel your success.

Toni Moore, Esquire is a Business Development Specialist who has blended her business sense, over 20 years of legal knowledge and divine insight to inspire thousands to appreciate that they have what it takes to create the business and life they want. Toni is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey.


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