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Find Your Wealthy Place

Find Your Wealthy Place

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There’s a special place set aside just for you. One with blessings and abundance. Debt freedom and the ability to give generously. You work but you're not worried. You appreciate that God has a portion not necessarily a person of His wealth laid up for you. You tap into the abundance of God's presence so you're never stressing over blessings because you know just like the birds in the air and the fish in the sea God got you. Your Wealthy Place is a wonderful place according to Psalm 66:12.

In Find Your Wealthy Place, author, speaker, and the Wealthbuilding attorney Toni Moore, Esquire will address the root to most of our thinking about money. She lays out how to increase your finances, leverage your knowledge and slay the Spirit of Poverty to secure your legacy. Following the teachings of Toni Moore will allow you to not only prosper, but to go from the Land of Just Over Broke to the land of More than Enough.

Toni Moore, Esquire is the Wealthbuilding Lawyer. Toni has blended her business sense, over 20 years of legal knowledge, financial literacy, business agility and retirement protection training to empower others to create businesses that serves as an powerful asset in their wealth building portfolio. Toni a motivational speaker, writer, author and an attorney who is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey.

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